The Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH) is a comprehensive set of instructions, rules and limits set out […]
When running through the checklist and after turning the master switch on, you are required to […]
What is a Magneto? You check both the left and the right one each time you […]
The simple answer to the question ‘what kit do i need to buy to learn to […]
Radiotelephony Help – For many new pilots, radiotelephony is a daunting new language – but it […]
In the Cockpit This is a full picture of the Cessna 172 Cockpit Instruments: The following […]
Groundschool books like these Pooley’s ones can be an expensive investment when you’re starting lessons, eagle-eyed […]
Cloud formations – they all have weird names and you’ll want to keep away from all […]
The following is an excerpt from the Skyway Code: Pilots are encouraged to talk to appropriate […]
Aircraft Altimeter
There are two types of pressure settings that are used in flying and you’ll hear them […]
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