Flying a plane can be described as a constant checklist procedure. From deciding when and where to fly, checklists are a fundamental flying tool.

This post takes you through every check in a cross country flight from idea to engine shutdown. Any checks already covered in other posts are linked.

Before setting out on your flight, it is best to check the following to ensure the your plan can actually go ahead:

Flight Plan and PPR

  • Is the home airfield open?
  • Is the aircraft available?
  • Is the destination airfield open? If PPR is required (check plates in Pooley’s book or on SkyDemon App) call/email for permission to land
  • Landing Fee Information. Is it cash only? If so, make sure you have ample on board!

NOTAMS and Warnings

Again, SkyDemon comes in handy for this. But you can also check the following official websites:

Transit Checks

When you get to the airfield, the physical checks start. Make sure the plane is airworthy and safe.

And finally you can think about starting the engine!

  • Start up checks
  • Pre-take off checks
  • After take off checks

Airborne Checks

Once airborne the checks continue. Once FREDA checks solidified to your memory they become an easy way to ensure safety during flight.

  • Visual Checks
  • FREDA Checks
  • Straight & Level Checks
  • End of Flight Checks
  • Approach or Pre Landing checks
  • Final checks
  • After runway cleared checks
  • Shut down checks

So you can see, there are a fair amount of checks that need to be memorised. All aircraft have a checklist in their user manual that must be adhered to, and should be used. However, airborne checks should become second nature throughout training and will become clear to you once a few hours of circuits are underway. contains user-generated checklists for small aircraft. PLEASE NOTE – these checklists need thorough proof reading as they are NOT endorsed by manufacturers and this site adheres to USA not UK/EU requirements.


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