This checklist has been taken from the Skyway Code, an important document that’s worth a read. It’s designed to act as a quick reference that supplements the more detailed information provided later in the publication. It should cover most basic pre-flight items, although you are encouraged to adapt it to suit your own needs.

Pilot Checklist

– Licence and rating are appropriate, valid and carried.

– Medical certificate or declaration valid and carried.

– 90 day rule completed (if carrying passengers).

– Current to fly under rules for club or group.

– Fit to fly the aircraft and in satisfactory physical and mental state.

– Passengers briefed.

Aircraft Checklist

– Airworthy condition.

– Certificate of Airworthiness or Permit to Fly valid, supported by a valid Airworthiness Review Certificate or Certificate of Validity.

– Equipment (including survival) appropriate and operative.

– Fuel and oil adequate for the flight and any foreseeable diversion.

– Mass, balance and performance within limits for aircraft and aerodromes.

– Documents required onboard.

– Insurance valid.

– Pre-flight inspection complete.


NOTAMs checked for route, destination and alternate aerodromes.

– Weather conditions checked and suitable.

– Charts current and reviewed.

– GPS map current and route programmed.

– Destination and alternate aerodromes planned and adequate.

– Prior Permission obtained for aerodromes (if applicable).

– Border Force and/or Special Branch notified (if applicable).

– Overnight weather checked for high winds, frost or snow (if aircraft to be left outside).

Flight plan filed (required for international flight).

! Have you assessed the risks of the flight?
Use the PAVE checklist.



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