Groundschool books like these Pooley’s ones can be an expensive investment when you’re starting lessons, eagle-eyed thrifty students can find many cheap used books on offer. Some from only 49p! But beware – outdated information can lead to confusion and false information.

For example – since 2016, airspace laws have changed significantly. For example, Airspace in and around London under 2500ft has been reclassified from Class A to Class D. Plus, older books will still have information regarding Class E airspace – which is no longer used within the UK.

Some schools offer book bundles along with a flight bag and apparatus when the student pays upfront for the entire PPL course. But beware! Schools have closed in the last leaving students without a means to refund, which could total thousands of pounds. If you believe an upfront payment is a good option for you, discuss this with your school and pay by credit or debit card rather than cash or bank transfer so your funds are protected.

Although all the apparatus will be required by the end of the course, there are cheaper ways to find them. Below is a list of all products included in most flight kits and links with pricing. It may be worth buying your own custom kit and asking the flight school for a discount instead.


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