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The Student Pilot Guide was started by a student pilot to provide a simple Private Pilots License PPL help resource for all abilities to aid in the understanding and knowledge of an EASA (UK) PPL. 

Start here! Articles written by student pilots to decipher the vast array of information required to pass a PPL.

YouTube is a fantastic resource when learning to fly and the best channels are listed

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Here are the latest posts to help student pilots pass EASA PPL tests

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Why start this site?

The need to find all useful information in one place

Hi, my name is Mark James and I’m a student pilot at Bournemouth Airport.

I started my PPL initially in 2009 and quickly found that ground school was a much larger part of training than I first figured (I didn’t research the training route at all prior to my first flight and didn’t realise there was even ground school until my fourth lesson!).

For me, trying to take in information from Pooleys books was far too intense, and the wording didn’t suit my reading style. It quickly dawned on me that the task was too much for me at that time and, like many students, I gave up – after 17hrs.

10 years later and I haven’t been able to shake to desire to fly, so I’m trying again! Armed with more time and hindsight, I started to collate as much information about training for a PPL as I could. This website is the result of such a task and I hope that it proves helpful to other student pilots.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions or additions to the site – contact me anytime through the blog or form below.

Happy Flying!

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