Understanding The Basics

Once you have completed your first few flights, you are likely to feel like you have taken on a mammoth task! Flying an aircraft is much more than using the controls – you must also master Safety, Air Law and Communications, to say just a few! The articles below should help decipher some of the new areas you are now facing:

Flying a plane can be described as a […]
After managing to keep the plane straight and […]
This checklist has been taken from the Skyway […]
There are two types of pressure settings that […]
The following is an excerpt from the Skyway […]
The following is an excerpt from The Skyway […]
Here’s a quick look at the simple aircraft […]
Below is an example Aircraft Checklist for a […]
It can be daunting going for a first-time […]
Radiotelephony Help – For many new pilots, radiotelephony […]
Part of learning to fly is dealing with […]
When running through the checklist and after turning […]

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